Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

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AJ joins us this week! This is our 'recorded prior to IML' show that is being posted right after IML. We talk about the Billboard Music Awards, Ryan Seacrest, pre-IML items, Ray J, Mary Murphy, Queen Latifah, cum, Rupauls Drag Race All Stars, Fisting, the Kardashians, gay social and dating apps and shit TV shows. Enjoy! 206-337-6552

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Bend Over and Take It! Podcast Presents: Fuck You
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Looking for Bitches . . .

We have Jeff and special guest host Brad K from Chicago this show! We talk about Kris Jenner, Drag Race and some Craigslist Ads that we made. We also discuss Donna Summer, going out in Pittsburgh, Obama and Marriage Equality, online dating fisting and more. Enjoy! 206-337-6552 or

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Cock Slobbin' Cunt Licker

Gerry and Brad discuss movies like Bridesmaids and The Avengers, the new Willam single, Drag U, play some porn, and talk about the Beastie Boys. We also discuss Chips and TV shows. Enjoy! 206-337-6552

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I'm Wearing My Peek-A-Boo Panties

Kike joins us this week to talk about Terri Schiavo, sex talk, milking, skinny girl margaritas and Jessica Simpson. We also talk porn, Drag Race, Dance Moms, Glee, Sex and ANTM. Enjoy! 206-337-6552

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