Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

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Jen joins us this week to talk about the sorority girl email, Reese Witherspoon, Meg Ryan, Drag Race, Wynona Judd, Reality Shows, Oxygen Network, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brokeback Mountain. We also discuss Bieber, daytime TV, The Voice, Sex and the City and Susan Sarandon. Enjoy! 206-666-3503

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Mess, Hot . . .

Kike joins us this week to talk about Boston, Jodi Arias, Amanda Bynes, Celeb net worth, Kim Kardashian, Facebook Items, the condom challenge, Gweneth Paltrow, Magic Johnson's son, Margaret Thatcher, Politics and Drag Race. Enjoy! 206-666-3503.

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They Look Awful, But In The Best Of Ways . . .

AJ joins us to talk about crazy people, internet memes, RuPaul's Drag Race, Joel Osteen, internet sites, Jody Arias, Halle Berry and lesbians. We also read an iTunes review, answer Facebook questions, take a phone call and talk about poppers. Enjoy! 206-666-3503

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Moose Knuckles by John Travolta

We're back! Jeff joins us this week to cover listener items, Drag Race, Amanda Bynes, young celeb meltdowns, Jodi Arias, Dance Moms, Glee, Vaginas and Magic Johnson's gay son. We also talk poppers, more listener items, Alyssa Edwards, Pittsburgh Pride and messy sex. Enjoy! 206-666-3503

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