Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

The Podcasts

Mess Free Sex On Your Period . . .

A new guest host joins us today to talk about Frankie Muniz, Khloe Kardashian, the Sandy Hook Shooter, Family Guy and the American Music Awards. We also talk about Pitbull, the Hunger Games, more AMA, Kirstie Alley, Facebook Items, the Kim/Kanye Parody, Brittany Murphy, Plan B and more AMA talk! Enjoy!

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Nutbush City Limits

Jeff joins us to discuss listener pics, body grooming, Lady Gaga on SNL, Kanye West, Cher, Sarah Palin, politics, women, the Podcast Awards, Ellen, Carmen Carrera and George Zimmerman. We also discuss Kelly Clarkson, the Biggest Loser, the Kardashians, hot men and Tyra Banks. Enjoy!

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Orange Bitch Black Face

Kike is on with us this week to talk about Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Mark Harmon, American Horror Story, The Real World, Mexico, The Sound of Music Live, Jonas Brothers, the Kardashian Kollection and some fashion talk. We also discuss gross old men, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Female Singers and Masters of Sex. Enjoy!

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Ten Dollar Blackjack with Macaulay Culkin . . .

We have a new guest host for you this week with Dee joining us! We talk about the mayor of Toronto, Katy Perry, Cher, the Jenners, Chris Christie, Jennifer Aniston, Macaulay Culkin and net worths for celebs. We also discuss Marissa Mayer, Tech Talk, porn, and a listener email. Enjoy!

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Super Storm Sandra Lee

Ron joins us again this week to talk about Julianne Hough, Matt Lauer, Fifty Shades, Celeb Worth, Tori Spelling, Charmed, Kris Jenner, Shania and Chris Brown. We also discuss Helen Hunt, Celeb Siblings, Full House, Listener Email, Halloween Costumes, Dennis Rodman and Tattoos. Enjoy! 206-376-0462

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