Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

The Podcasts

She Is An Uneducated . . . . . . . . . Person . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about New Stories, Twitter, Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, RuPaul, Katy Perry and music of 2014. We also discuss Sia, Barbara Walters, Politics, the Trans Community, Drag Race, Harry Potter, JK Rowling and low gas prices. Enjoy!

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Is A Big Clit A Thing?

Jen is on with us to talk about Bill Cosby, American Horror Story, NutGate, The Interview, the Sony Hack, Madonna, Andy Cohen, Barbara Walters, Oprah, Bruce Jenner, The Hunger Games and Drag Race. We also talk about Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and Mariah Carey. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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I Will Go Down On Your Cocky Meet Right Now . . .

Jeff is on to talk about Ferguson, telenovelas, Bill Cosby, Lenny Kravitz, the NNN Awards, Betty Who, Lady Gaga, Holidays, Gay Sports Illustrated issue and the most Instagrammed pic. We also talk about kids shows, sex tapes and the Duggars. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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She Will Fuck You Ten Times From Tuesday . . .

Dee joins us to talk about Bill Cosby, celeb fights, open marriages, Kirk Cameron, Christmas Movies, the AMAs, internet memes, the Hunger Games, porn, Phylicia Rashad and Ferguson. We also talk about Dee's Christmas list, Freddie Mercury, Christmas music and politics. Enjoy!

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It's Not A Goitre, It's Cum!!!!

Ron is with us this week to talk about Taylor Swift, Spotify, the Kardashians, Damages, Andy Cohen, Perez Hilton, Tom Daley, The View, Kelly Ripa and Nick Jonas. We also dicuss Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Will and Grace, Michael Strahan, listen to phone calls, gay sermons, Joel Osteen and Amanda Bynes. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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It Makes The Dick Look Really Heavy

Jeff is with us this week to talk about Ebola, suicide, power bottoming, fisting, lava, Lena Dunham, church and the Duggars. We also take a phone call, discuss circumcision, Taylor Swift, shootings and American Horror Story. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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The Booch Tooch Season . . .

AJ is on with us to talk about Renee Zellweger, Marry Me, Top Model, Melissa Joan Hart, American Horror Story, Queer as Folk and Bruce Jenner. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Oh He Will Get Off . . .

Dee is back again to discuss Amanda Bynes, Stephen Collins, The Surreal Life, Ashton Kutcher, The Goonies, Jan Hooks and we play some phone calls. We also discuss Jessica Lange, Lea Michelle, American Horror Story, accents and gay marriage. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Mike Hunt, Please Report to My Orifice . . .

Dee joins us this week to talk about Brett Butler, Passions, Amanda Bynes, George Clooney, Lena Dunham, Crossroads, Kim Kardashian and Hong Kong. We also talk about Chris Pratt, SNL, Judge Judy, Facebook, Social Media, The Mysteries of Laura, Fall TV, Ebola and The Practice. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Starring Jane Fonda's Tits . . .

We're back! This week we have Kike with us to talk about Football Players, Joan Rivers, Jenny McCarthy, Dancing with the Stars, Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, rich women, daytime talk shows, Ryan Gosling, Ariana Grande, Mariah, Beyonce, Robin Thicke and designers. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Shake It Of (That Semen) . . .

We discus the leaked nudies, Summer Music, America's Got Talent, Sam Smith, Carrie Underwood and our trip to NYC. We also have a Voicemail, email, talk about Top Model, Joan Rivers and the Podcast Awards. Enjoy!

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He's A Two Pump Chump . . .

Dee joins us to talk about Mariah and Nick, donations, Amy Winehouse, Celeb Pairings, American Horror Story, 50 Shades, Jodi Arias and television. We also discuss Katherine Heigl, Ice Bucket Challenges and some sex talk. Enjoy!

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Wet Dreams May Cum . . .

Jeff joins us this week to talk about Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, Madonna, Social Media, Barbara on Instragram, Ferguson and Viral causes. We also talk about Oprah, Politics, celebs on farms and TV shows. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Female Chick With a Dick

AJ is on with us this week to talk about Nicki Minaj, Trans folks, Buck Angel, Huff Post, Sharknado 2, Facebook Items, Guardians of the Galaxy, Drew Barrymore and Beyonce. We also discuss Anne Heche, Kim Kardashian, Ebola and Brad Pitt. Enjoy!

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Fat Versions of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

This week we talk about Wonder Woman, Alicia Silverstone, Project Runway, Posh Spice, Comic Con, the Kardashians, 50 Shades of Grey, Bindi Irwin and Naya Rivera. We also talk about Aretha Franklin, Prince, Sexual Positions, Lil Wayne and Team Patrick. Enjoy!

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Andy Cohen Has A Face Made For Bukakke

Jeff joins us to talk about airlines, OITNB, Mom Calls, Emmy Nominations, Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa. We also talk about The View, Kelly Ripa, Ellen and Portia, politics and Ann Coulter. Enjoy!

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Michelle Rodriguez: The Musical

Jen is on with us this week to talk about Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Miley, Michelle Rodriguez, the Kardashians, musical winners and losers, JLo and The View. We also discus social media items, Charlotte Pride, Sofia Vergara and OITNB. Enjoy! 206-426-2496.

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Here's Your Abortion Kits . . .

Brian and Amy join us to talk about Hobby Lobby, Rob Ford, Listener Items, Young Actors, Andie MacDowell, Jessica Simpson, Kendra, The View and Melissa McCarthy. Enjoy!

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I Will Have Raw, Bloody, Unprotected Sex . . .

Ron joins us this week to talk about the Gay Games, the Kardashians, a listener email, gay marriage, rape, Beth Stern, Orange is the New Black, Hope Solo and celeb passengers. We also talk about Beyonces and Jay-Z, Teen Pop Stars, Charlize Theron, Life Goes On and American Horror Story. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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How Big Is A Bear Dick?

Jeff joins us this week to talk about wet dreams, Betty Who, Katy Perry, Madonna, the Kardashians, Pride and Sharon Needles. We also discuss DWV, Porn, Amazon, Starbucks, Hillary Clinton and an iTunes Review. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Did He Fall Into A Bag of Meth?

Dee is on with us to discuss Scott Baio, Jonah Hill, Facebook Items, Amy Poehler, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, lots of random celebs and Heather Graham. Enjoy! 206-426-2496.

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She Was, Like, On A Crash Course To Hell . . .

Ron joins us to tlak about IML, The Normal Heart, Drag Race, Gay marriage, Maya A's death and Trannys. We also discuss Britney and Janet. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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There Will Be Solange . . .

Kike joins us to talk about Solange, bouncy houses, Clay Aiken, Michael Sam, Alexa Ray Joel, gay stuff and Drag Race. We also take a phone call, talk about Petals in the Wind and 50 Shades of Grey. Enjoy! 206-426-2496.

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Fuck Me, Please?

Dee joins us to talk about Johnny Weir, Drag Race, 24, Strippers, Gaga, SNL and tragic gays. We also talk about Facebook questions, take a phone call, musicals and television. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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My Adore Delano Ham Hock Body . . .

Jeff joins us for 200! We discuss Rihanna, the Clippers, Drag Race, our first episode and Glee. We also have some Facebook items, Phone calls, IML and lots more. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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True (S)Tori . . .

Jen is on with us this week to talk about Tori Spelling, Brint It, Johnny Weir, Miley, Lindsey and an email we got. We also have a phone call, discus Drag Race, Avril Lavigne, Bryan Singer and IML. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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I Was More of a Pacey Than a Dawson . . .

Ron is on with us this week to talk about Drag Race, Tranny, Paula Abdul, US Airways, First World Problems and Facebook Questions. We also have 2 calls, talk about Tom Cruise and bad har on men. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Bye Bye Boner

Jeff is on with us this week to discuss Cher, Rupaul, Sex Fetishes, Drag Race, Fly Young Red, IML and take a phone call. We also talk about musicals, dog boners, an iTunes Review, American Horror Story and Fleetwood Mac. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Do You Like Mommy's Dick In You?

Jen is on with us this week to talk about the missing plane, Scott D, Kimye, Tyler Perry Movies, Drag Race, Buffy, J Weir, Ugly Betty and take Facebook Questions. We also talk sex and Revenge. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Abortion City . . .

Ron and Dee are on this week to guest host with us as we discuss Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Courtney Love, the missing plane and a Facebook Question. We also talk about Informercials, Scientology, Religion, Drag Race, Titty Fucking, Twitter, St Patricks Day, Mick Jagger and Mariah Carey. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Airtight Grannies 9 . . .

AJ joins us this week to discuss the Oscars, Scandal, Actresses, Drag Race, Twitter, Listener Emails, Revenge and a Facebook Item. We also discuss Lohan, Oprah, Looking, Adult Movies, Dancing with the Stars and missing airplanes. Enjoy! 206-426-2496.

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AIDS Wins Oscars . . .

Ron is on this week to help us discuss some Drag Race, Gay Sports Stars, the upcoming Oscars, Sandra Bullock and Alec Baldwin. We also have some phone calls and answer some Facebook Questions. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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That Wig Was Terrible . . .

Dee joins us this week to talk about a Ski Weekend, RuPaul's Drag Race, Christine Baranski, bloated actresses, the Olympics, Bruce Jenner, Lil Kim, a Facebook item, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler. We also discuss breastfeeding, supermodels, celeb birthdays, a phone call and Kylie music. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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He's So Gay It's Dripping Out Of Him . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about colon cleansing, the Olympics, Russia, gay football players, IML, gay rights, being kept, Dean Cain and George Zimmerman. We also discuss DMX, Kim Kardashian, gay commercials, gay couples, fisting women, The Biggest Loser, Clay Aiken, singing competitions and Oreos. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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The XXX Version of The Boxcar Children . . .

AJ joins us to discuss Crossroads, Flowers in the Attic, Coke (the soda), the Superbowl and halftime show, Kylie, Solange, American Horror Story, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Dylan Farrow. We also answer Facebook Questions, talk the Olympics, Sochi, the Oscar nominations and Bruce Jenner. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Her Niece Is A MONSTER . . .

Ron joins us this week to discuss AIDS, gay porn, the Real World, Golden Globes, Emma Thompson, Modern Family, a phone call and the new Kylie song. We also discuss Katy Perry, concerts, Cher, Reba and country music. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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Brokeback Hymen . . .

Jeff joins us to talk about the Podcast Awards, Utah, Celeb babies, sex, Ricky Martin, Beyonce, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, famous gays, tv shows, phone calls and Revenge. We also discuss Jay-Z, ugly celeb daughters, being stranded naked, sister wives, The Voice and sexting. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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If You Had a Black Twin with a Big Dick . . .

Jen joins us to discuss Flowers in the attic, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, North Korea, a guy with two dicks, our new phone number, Ina Garten, Aaron Rogers, Kesha, Rehab and Vin Diesel. We also talk about penis pumps, Charlize Theron, The Paperboy and Cancer. Enjoy! 206-426-2496

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