Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

The Podcasts

I Don't Have Kids, I Swallow Them . . .

Dee is on with us to talk about Mark Salling, Ray Rice, Hoverboards, Russell Crowe, Star Wars porn, Bill Cosby, the Affluenza Teen, STDs and Dead or Alive. We also talk about a Diva's Christmas Carol, WEN, Guthy Renker, Oprah, Prison Bitches, Trump, Clinton, Poland and Tinder. Enjoy!

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I Had To Finger My Sink . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about morning sex, rental cars, the Kardashians, Fetty Wap, Saint West, Trump, Scalia, Ted Cruz, Stacey Dash, Gay for Pay, Colby Jansen, Prep, sexual health, Scream Queens and vaping. We also talk about more sex, terrorist, vomit, the Person of the Year, Paul Walker, The Wiz, the Tweet of the Year, Snowden and an iTunes review. Enjoy!

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Seriously, Is She Dead?!?!

Dee joins us to talk about vaginas, sex, Charlie Sheen, Daytime TV, the AIDS quilt, Madonna, TJ Hooker and The WIZ. We also discuss Greg Louganis, Lindsay Lohan, Project Runway, Hulu and Europe. Enjoy!

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The Prince and The Popper . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about the twerking video, Gay Boxer, Coloring Books, Vivica A Fox, the Republican Debate, Starbucks, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, catheters and Kris Jenner. We also discuss crazy authors, wedding plans, listen to a voicemail, talk about tops vs bottoms, poppers, watching porn and lady masturbation. Enjoy!

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Introduction to Anal 101 . . .

Dee is on with us to talk about Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Friends, Hugh Grant, Merchant Ivory, Topping, Channing Tatum, the NY Boxer Gang Bang and Lamar. We also discuss Adele, Jeremy Irons, a message from a listener, Power Bottoms, Halle Berry, Dee's upcoming trip and Gender Terms.

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Actually, That's The Time To Do Meth and Have HIV . . .

AJ is on to talk about Lamar, Drugs, Target, ANTM, Top Model, Project Runway, Melrose Place, Danny Pinauro, Drugs and Sex, Lamar again and Justin Beeb. We also discuss Dance Moms, American Horror Story, Courtney Cox and Daytime TV. Enjoy!

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I'm A Bored Housewife Fingering My Asshole . . .

Jeff joins us to talk about Bianca Del Rio, Willam, Macys, the Pop, William and Kate, Kim Davis, Megyn Kelly, The Emmys and I Am Cait. We also discuss fall TV, Nick Jonas, Scream Queens, Sex, Instagram Crushes, Monkeys, Chris Brown, Porn Stars and Politics. Enjoy!

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Even Her Tits Are Pregnant . . .

Ron is on with us to talk about the VMAs, Anderson Cooper, Kim Davis, Dancing with the Stars, Reality TV and Rob Kardashian. We also discuss Rosie O and Brangelina! Enjoy!

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Peanut Butter Pussies . . .

Jen is on with us to talk about Superman, Rentboy, the Duggars, Bill Cosby, Chris Brown, Celine Dion, Kristen Stewart, John Travolta and Kelly Ripa. We also talk about Madonna, Natalie Imbruglia, NSYNC, Madonna again, Facebook deaths and Top Songs. Enjoy!

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You Are Ignorant Cisgendered Motherfuckers . . .

AJ is on with us to talk about Subway, Ashley Madison, Listener Emails, Top Model, Sens8, iTunes Reviews, Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump and other podcasts. We also talk about Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Food Network, HGTV, Ina Garten, PReP and Nicki Minaj. Enjoy!

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A Black Guy With A Bear . . .

Jeff joins us to talk about Lenny Kravitz, Caitlyn Jenner, Janet, Nicki Minaj, Bobbi Kristina, black people, Donald Trump and Black Porn. Also we discuss PrEP, Urban Legends, Fisting, Subway and Black Guys.

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She Went From Cucumber To Pickle . . .

Ron is on with us this week to talk about Bobbi Kristina, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, TV Casts, Fuller House and The View. We also discuss Caitlyn Jenner, Princess Diana, Kathy Lee and Brooke Hogan. Enjoy!

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A Wet, Juicy Midget . . .

Dee joins us to talk about the Shania concert we saw, Gavin DeGraw, Caitlyn Jenner, MTV, Porn Titles and Fifty Cent. We also talk about Tori and Dean, republicans, Macy's and Donald Trump. Enjoy!

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Cait Minus Eight . . .

Jen is on with us to talk about Taco Bell, Ben and Jen, Britney, Caitlyn, Holly Madison, 50 Shades, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Politics and Chris Pratt. We also discuss Kristen Bell, the Confederate Flag and Nick Jonas. Enjoy!

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Constant Vagina Munching . . .

Ron joins us to talk about Obama, Orange is the New Black, Martha Stewart, Open Relationships, The View, Janet Jackson, Streaming Music, DVR, On Demand Porn and Gold Balls. We also talk about Kim Kardashian, Diddy, Dead Child Actors, Hugh Hefner, Porn and Boogie Nights. Enjoy!

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I'll Show You Black . . .

Dee joins us to talk about Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner, Orange is the New Black, Hawaii, Drag Race, Grace and Frankie and gay marriage. Enjoy!

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19 And Cunting . . .

Dee is on with us to talk about Caitlyn Jenner, the Kardashians, the Duggars, gay conversion options, Tracy Morgan, Max Greenfield and the 80s. Enjoy!

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Look At My Puss . . .

Jeff is on with us this week to talk about TV shows, Calista Flockhart, Shonda Rhimes, Perez Hilton, Dadbod, Cheating politicians, same sex benefits, flying and Texas. We also talk about the NFL, Bruce Jenner and Hawaii. Enjoy!

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You Can Cunt On Me . . .

Dee joins us to talk about Laura Linney, Bruce Jenner, Net Worth, Baltimore, Full House, Revenge and Super Hero shows. We also talk about Drag Race, American Horror Story, Felicity and Must See TV. Enjoy!

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Let's See What This Trainwreck Is Doing Now . . .

Dee joins us to talk about Tori and Candy Spelling, LeAnn Rimes, Kendra, The Girls Next Door, Bruce Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drag Race, Mariah Carey, Politics, Aaron Hernandez and Lady Killers. Enjoy!

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Chop My Dick Off . . .

AJ is on with us this week to talk about Drag Race, Barry Manilow, the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner, Tidal, IML, Politics, Kill Marry Fuck, Netflix Shows, Bobby Flay, Mary Kay Letourneau, Law and Order, North West and Jessica Simpson. Enjoy!

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Through Bears and Twinks . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about Indiana, adoption, the trans community, Drag Race, Looking, Queer as Folk, real life killers, Little Big Town, Steve Grand, the most recent plane crash, Taraji P Henson and some politics. Enjoy!

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 Big-Dicked Drag Queens

Dee is on with us this week to talk about Drag Race, Reality TV, Salman Rushdie, Jerry Springer, Azealia Banks, Rehab, Netflix, TV, American Horror Story, Justin Bieber, Fashion Police, Apple, Zune, St Patty's Day, Bobbi Kristina, an iTunes review and more Drag Race. Enjoy!

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Back to Back Fingering . . .

Jen is on with us again this time to talk about sex clubs, Bobbi Kristina, Madonna, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber. We also talk about the Oscars, Scandal, Drag Race, American Idol, Shania Twain, Tori Spelling, Sex Rehab, Dancing with the Stars. Enjoy!

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Please stand bi . . .

We've been having some technical difficulties. Apparently sound mixers aren't meant to be used as butt plugs. We're working to get a new one asap! We should be back before Bruce Jenner has fully transitioned. 

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Trans-Am Jenner

Jenn is on with us to talk about Marla Gibbs, Kate Upton, Sam Smith, Bruce Jenner, the SuperBowl, Grammys, Madonna and Katy Perry. We also talk about Kanye West, John Mayer, Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Miranda Lambert, Listener Emails, Julian Edelman and a Swingers Club. Enjoy!

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He's Black Where It Counts . . .

Ron is on with us to talk about Drag Race season 7, Kathy Griffin, Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne, more Drag Race, Rick Fox, Dirt, the Podcast Awards and Bruce Jenner. We also talk about Khloe, Brandy, Howard Stern, the Oscars, Michael Keaton, Taylor Swift, Giada, Sophia Loren, Sam Smith, John Travolta and Viral Videos. Enjoy!

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He's Got a Good Personality . . .

Dee is on with us to talk about the Golden Globes, Bill Cosby, George Zimmerman, Gay Marriage, Cold Weather, Giada, Food Network, Justin Bieber, Marky Mark, Charlize Theron, Madonna, Piercings, Claire Danes and Lisa Bonet. Enjoy!

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