Bend Over and Take It!

Welcome to the Bend Over and Take It! Podcast page. You can find us on iTunes by searching for our name or subscribe directly to our RSS feed through the Syndication link on this page. We are a LGBT podcast that discusses whatever we want. Grease up your hole and get ready to bend over and take it.

The Podcasts

Seriously, Is She Dead?!?!

Dee joins us to talk about vaginas, sex, Charlie Sheen, Daytime TV, the AIDS quilt, Madonna, TJ Hooker and The WIZ. We also discuss Greg Louganis, Lindsay Lohan, Project Runway, Hulu and Europe. Enjoy!

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The Prince and The Popper . . .

Jeff is on with us to talk about the twerking video, Gay Boxer, Coloring Books, Vivica A Fox, the Republican Debate, Starbucks, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, catheters and Kris Jenner. We also discuss crazy authors, wedding plans, listen to a voicemail, talk about tops vs bottoms, poppers, watching porn and lady masturbation. Enjoy!

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